The northern deserts of Kenya are still some of the most remote places on earth. With vast tracts of achingly beautiful arid scrubland interspersed by mighty kopjes (a small hill in a generally flat area) and winding sandy riverbeds fringed with doum palms, this is a country that cannot be explored by conventional means.


Spend your days exploring the wildlife, birdlife and scenery as you make your way across ancient elephant paths and down sand rivers, immersing yourself in the ancient land and culture of the people still hardy enough to inhabit it. And in the evenings, unwind in camp with the cool breeze blowing down the lugga. 


Dip your toes in the Ewaso river after with a cooling drink in your hand while watching the sun go down. Enjoy a sumptuous candlelit supper in the dry river bed, before settling down to the sounds of crickets and nightjars with the magnificent starry night sky above.


Lattitude uses its knowledge of the north and experience in camp building to provide camps for a multitude of independent expeditions, including climbing base camps, field research centres and personal events.


We are very conscious of the areas that we operate in and don’t want to leave a permanent footprint on the environment. We try to follow sandy riverbeds where possible with wind and floods covering our tracks within 48 hours. 


The camp is fully mobile with everything being packed up and returned to our base at the end of each trip.


Safety is of utmost importance. All guests are required to wear helmets, and protective gear such as goggles, which are provided. Closed-toe shoes are essential.